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Corporate history 
1959 -1972
Koper-based manufacturer of scooters and outboard motors, Tomos signed co-operation contract with Citroen, establishing operations that would eventually grow into the present Cimos. Citroen designed and supplied specifications to Cimos, who would then manufacture components and assemble the completed automobile.

In the 1972 Tomos, Iskra and Citroen formed a new company, Cimos (Citroen, Iskra, Tomos), for the manufacture and export of components for cars, car assemblies and sub-assemblies.
1984 - 1989
Establishment of research and development activities of Cimos and start of supply to other international automotive manufacturers.
1996 - 1999
Restructuring of the company and establishment of a Cimos d.d. as a public limited company and further restructuring and transformation in shareholder structure.
2001 - 2003
Acquisition of 95.75% stake in Croatian agricultural machinery manufacturer, Labinprogres TPS d.o.o, through a privatisation process of the Croatian government. This company now represents the Agricultural division of Cimos Group.

The acquisition of a majority stake in Litostroj E.I. Ljubljana, formed the basis for the current Cimos Group Energy division.
2004 - 2005
Acquisition of a 67.6% stake (later increased) in Livnica Kikinda AD (Serbia) as part of a privatisation programme of the Government of Serbia & Montenegro. In 2005 Cimos opens new production facilities in Kikinda (Serbia), and Srebrenica (Bosnia & Herzegovina).
2006 - 2008
Cimos Group acquired ČKD Blansko Engineering (Czech Republic), which became part of Litostroj Power (Cimos Group energy division). Opening of Hydraulic Research Center in Blasko (Czech Republic).
2008 - 2012

With the outbreak of the financial crisis, Cimos found itself unable to refinance or settle its obligations, threatening the company's operations and development.


Restructuring programme started.


Divestment of Energy and Agricultural Division and integration of Machine Building Division into Automotive.


Privatization process launched by shareholders.


Privatization process completed - acquisition by Palladio Holding on May 18, 2017.

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