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bullet 03.05.2017
Best supplier improvement Best supplier improvement
In mid April 2017 during the Honeywell TS Global Suppliers' Convention 2017 at Rolle (CH) the American corporation has awarded Cimos for the Best Improvement within the Casting & Machining Commodity. Cimos has proven its commitment to Honeywell business partnership through the continuous efforts that we have put in achieving the common goals. In 2016, CIMOS has reduced both PPM and NCM by 30% versus 2015, which shows a significant improvement in terms of quality. Cimos has also improved delivery performance from 43 % in 2014 to 100% in 2016. Photo: Thiery Mabru, Honeywell global purchasing chain vice-president and Cimos CEO Gerd Rosendahl.
Gerd Rosendahl resigned as a member of the management board of Cimos
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