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Cimos reinvented its visual identity in 2007. The graphic design preserves some elements that constitute the Company’s identity: the company name, the use of typography and fonts in the logo design and red as its corporate colour. At the same time the Company’s positioning and brand strategy go a step further to give the image more recognition, strength and content. The renewed symbol reflects the Company’s character as an element of its differentiation strategy with the centre stage place and sheltered by a swirl and dyed in a deeper shade of red.
The circle that encapsulates the symbol evokes seemingly contrasting associations of balance and dynamism. The two attributes are the main features of the proportions used to create the relation between the letters and the symbol.
The graphic element placed in a circle serves to bring to one’s mind the first letter of the company name, to conjure up movement, the open section as part of a whole, and a symbol of the creative momentum. These are the attributes associated with Cimos – a vital and growing enterprise that is no stranger to challenges in one of the world’s most competitive industries.

The decision taken by the Company’s top management to renew rather than reinvent the existing corporate image sends a clear message that the Company is firmly on track to meet its target, and that its growth and development remain smooth and steady.
Cimos as a family of companies is attracting attention by its pro-active stance to the general public and the media, and is generally perceived as a well-organised and well-run business system. It is a reliable and forward-looking global partner.

In a nut-shell, the renewed corporate image speaks of the continuation of corporate values that lie at the heart of Cimos and the focus on knowledge as its traditional asset. There is the impression of energy and the Company’s personality – its specific character shaped by its evolution. By painting a broader picture we are taking you beyond the logotype and the corporate characteristic colour in effort to give it recognition and strength, and to have it transmit the message that Cimos is an efficient customer-focused company with eyes on ambitious but realistic goals.

The sign and the logo are the building blocks of the corporate identity of Cimos. Their details have been prescribed in the manual with the title: Celostna grafična podoba (Corporate Brand). You can find a summary of these rules on these pages.

The area of the logo extends to the border drawn on the picture as a thin grey line. The grey line is not part of the Cimos logo. The proportion between its height and length corresponds to the 1 :  3 ratio with the height being one unit.

The off-limit area is wider than the area of the Cimos logo. It is the surface around the logo and it must not be invaded by any other element.

Above are listed different file formats of Cimos corporate logotype:
Logo.ai (11 kb)
Color logo / positive
LogoNeg.ai (11 kb)
Color logo / Negative
Logo.cdr (15 kb)
Color logo / Positive
LogoNeg.cdr (15 kb)
Color logo / Negative
Logo-HiRes.jpg (176 kb)
Color logo / Positive
LogoNegBW-HiRes.jpg (142 kb)
B&W logo / negative
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